Mobile Marketing

(the numbers have only gone up since this video was made)

Here in the U.S., a recent Pew study found that 55 percent of U.S. adults use their mobile phone to go online. And more research shows that there are 331 million mobile users here, which is actually more than our total population.  This must mean that somewhere, somebody’s dog is ordering a pizza on an iPhone as I write this.  Just last week we found out that mobile devices are so important to us that we can’t stop using them even when watching TV.

And yet, according to research done by both Google and their mobile partner, less than 10% of small businesses currently have a mobile site.

Google has a different algorithm when a user searches on a mobile device as opposed to a regular computer.  Today’s mobile devices are looking for mobile friendly sites to display.  We’re about to see a big jump in small businesses making their websites mobile.

When people visit a mobile optimized site they tend to take action immediately.  According to research, one in five will place an immediate phone call.

Cesar’s Killer Margaritas, a chain of Mexican restaurants based in Chicago, says they get more than 1700 mobile visits a month to their site which accounts for 33% of their total traffic.

Don’t Get Left Behind:

  • Mobile internet use/web traffic is up 202% in the last year!
  • 4 out 5 smartphone users (86 million U.S. users) use their smartphone to shop!
  • 30% of all who use their mobile device to shop have incomes of $100,000 or greater!
  • By 2016, smartphones will influence $689 billion of all retail store sales!